David Clark – Lead Guitar

David Clark | Edinburgh Wedding BandDavid is the lead guitarist in the Back Green Wedding Band.

He started playing in 1994. It was a few days after his brother returned from a Pink Floyd concert, after hearing Dark Side of The Moon there was no turning back and it wasn’t long before he had his first electric and was working on trying to sound like David Gilmour.

David comes to Back Green having been with Blue Express along with Evan and Alan, a popular and busy wedding band based in Edinburgh.

Being a left hander can sometimes be a bit of a pain for a guitarist, that’s why David knows how important it is to be playing an instrument that feels right and can make the sounds you want.

He is currently playing a Fender Stratocaster through an SJB Ant 15W boutique tube amp.Sadly SJB are no longer around but you can still sometimes find their amps on the second hand market. If you know of one that is up for sale then please get in touch and let David know as he is always interested!

There is also a Gibson Les Paul and no-name lap steel that sometimes make an appearance depending on how much room is in the car on the night of a gig!




"A real breath of fresh air! Thanks boys" - Selkirk Common Riding

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